The Personal Touch
Aurore folny thepersonaltouch aurorefolny
Aurore folny adn k0394 d7345 18794 thepersonaltouch aurorefolny sketch

initial sketch

Aurore folny wip thepersonaltouch aurorefolny

wip (frow B&W drawipainting)

Aurore folny wip2 thepersonaltouch aurorefolny

wip 2

Aurore folny wip3 thepersonaltouch aurorefolny

wip 3

Aurore folny thepersonaltouch aurorefolny


Aurore folny picture 280

ref, I almost always use photorefs for hands and difficult expression or view of the face. Fun fact : yes my left index finger is into a big ass bandage :D It was just a scratch !

The Personal Touch

for Android : Netrunner, revised edition
©2017 Fantasy Flight Games

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